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Our Work

A Taste of What We've Done

Our Work : A Taste of What We've Done

Here is just a taste of what we've done to create functional and beautiful web sites for both our internal properties and other clients. In addition to creating fully-functioning web sites, we also provide high-quality SEO services and social media integration.

screen capture of LLC is one of our largest divisions and features a full social networking site to help users find friends, online dating, and make business contacts all from one log in. Profiles can be meshed into one or separated into up to three distinct profiles, depending on one's needs.

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screen capture of Emily Osment World
Emily Osment World: An Unofficial Fan Site

Emily Osment World is an unofficial fan site, one of the original sites designed under our web network of sites. It was first brought to the public in July of 2008 and has a fair share of viewership. A third revision for the theme has been released at the end of 2010 and finalized to a sleek new layout in anticipation of new features and also growing its traffic rank.

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screen capture of education connect
Education Connect!

Education Connect! is your genuine and FREE online source for colleges & universities. We make it easy for you to be on your way to starting or continuing your education. Click from any of our featured schools to learn more about the college, or fill out the form below to request information about enrollment into thousands of colleges and universities across the country.

screen capture of emma watson online
Emma Watson Online

This is an unofficial micro-site portal dedicated in being the ultimate companion to Emma Watson, the girl who played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series. Simplistic yet informative, everything is here related to all things Emma, her movies, and more!

screen capture of Absolutely Demi!
Absolutely Demi!: The Demi Lovato Unofficial Fan Site

This web site is an unofficial fan micro-site dedicated to Disney actress and pop star, Demi Lovato. It speaks to fans who know her from the movie Camp Rock!, and the Disney Channel Original Series, Sonny With A Chance. It features complete information about the actress and all things related to Demi, her show, and her debut album.

screen capture of ultimately charmed
Ultimately Charmed!

This web site is a social network of fans around the world whom all share an interest in the extremely popular television series Charmed. The site features a dynamic episode guide, cast biographies, photo galleries, and an interactive "wall" feature for registered fans to log in and post their comments, thoughts and ideas directly beneath the page contents.


screen capture of hannah montana world
Hannah Montana World

This web site is a micro-site dedicated in being the unofficial companion web site for Hannah Montana: The Movie. It features a storyboard, cast biographies, photo galleries, and more! It allows for visitors to have a consolidated source for all things Hannah. The site is family-friendly and for all ages.

screen capture of amy adams online
Amy Adams Online

Amy Adams Online has been revamped to feature a completely dynamic photo gallery of the actress. We separate the galleries by movies. A lot of the latest technologies we have implemented into newer sites have been converted into this originally created web site since its launch in 2008.

screen capture of Zooey Fans
Zooey Fans!: The Zooey Deschanel Unofficial Fan Site

This unofficial micro-site is dedicated in being the ultimate companion to any Zooey Deschanel Fan. It is a simplistic yet informative web site featuring complete information about the actress and all things related to Zooey, her movies, and her debut album.


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