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Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising here at Bellerose Web Media Services has become a growing aspect throughout our business properties. We have multiple web site portals in our intellectual properties which make use of popular Social Networking mediums. We focus by using Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace to enhance our web portals as well as client web sites.

We understand the extreme trend toward social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, as well as the "lesser" ones like Hi5 and Bebo. No matter which ones people use, social media advertising is a great way to harness potential customers. Bellerose Web Media Services will scout over popular social networking sites and target your product or service to potential customers who best match you. In fact, we run the above web sites that share the common goal -- which is to become targeted social networks of their own. The end result: Advertising that really works!

Let us take your business to Facebook and Twitter and Soar!

Many businesses including our own internal portals are leveraging extensive Facebook and Twitter campaigns to drive traffic to their web sites. It brings your business closer to what's important -- the customers. You can take a look through our work section, where we have included links to the associated Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube channels we have set up for each site we manage.

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