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PC and Mac Technician Services

Your Remote IT Department is Here

PC/Mac Technician Services

PC/Mac Technician Services

This is one of our services that started it all! We take great pride in our work as computer technicians at Bellerose Web Media Services. Some aspects of these sevices include building new computer systems, upgrading physical hardware, reinstalling your operating systems, and simply consulting residential and commercial customers on how to make their computer systems work better for them.

Your Very Own Information Technology Department is Here...Remotely!

We are a full service IT department for your business. If you do not have an active IT department on staff, for whatever reason, come to us and we will serve your needs. We can secure your corporate network (protecting sensitive data pertaining to your organization), set up firewalls, set up computer workstations at your office, and of course continually be on call to help with whatever issues you may need in the future.

"12-point" Checkup

Much like automobile state inspection centers, we will have your computer go through our rigorous computer checkup system which will thoroughly "inspect and test" it with total accuracy to let us know if anything is truly wrong. From there we take the necessary steps to bringing new life to it. If in the rarity that it cannot pass our inspection, we will consult you with the best options available with your budget.

If you would like to learn more about this service, you may contact us directly.

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