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Digital Internet Advertising

Digital Internet Advertising:
Why Choose Us to Advertise Your Product or Service?

Advertising Services

Simply put, we have a massive network of web sites catering to specific needs and demographics. When you advertise with us, we will speak with you about which is the best advertising path for your product or service. Combine our advertising service alongside with our new Lead Generation service and it will increase your chances of lead conversions and save you money! You only get the leads that have the most chance of converting into applications.

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Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising here at Bellerose Web Media Services has become a growing aspect throughout our business properties. We have multiple web site portals in our intellectual properties which make use of popular Social Networking mediums. We focus by using Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace to enhance our web portals as well as client web sites.

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Contextual Ads

You all may notice there are a whole lot of banner ads out there. Some are really successful, others bombard their users. In order to have a successful banner advertisement, it is imperative to place them in context to what the user is reading. By matching up with the keywords and certain content sites, we serve a particular algorithm which can sift through our banner database and display the one that makes the most sense to the end-user.

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Banner Ads

The traditional way of advertising on the Internet is to place banner ads. The typical banner sizes range from button sizes, horizontal rectangles, square badges, as well as the skyscraper ads (which work best in a blog or social media environment). We will discuss with you which banner ads are best for your product or service and where the banner will be appropriate to be added to our internal networks.

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E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing is a powerful tool that can be used to reach new prospects, or remarket to existing contacts. From creative development to functionality testing, Bellerose Web Media Services provides a full suite of Email Marketing tools designed to increase activity between our partners and their prospects.

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