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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Bellerose Web Media Services respects your privacy. Your e-mail address is only used to create your account, verify your data, or send your password in case you forget it. Your user profile consists of data that may be personally identifiable. You may opt to present your first name or a nickname, your last name or last initial. Other information is just used to better improve the community for demographic purposes only.

Your user account grants you access to creating a user profile, and viewing information pertaining to your account such as listing services performed for you.

Third Party Collection of Data

Advertisers will not receive your logged in status, nor they will receive any of your personal data through any direct means of Bellerose Web Media Services. Of course, your Internet Protocol (IP) address, which identifies your computer uniquely across the Internet, will be transmitted to third party advertisers. This is a normal Internet use. Your user agent, which specifies what type of browser you are using, and referrer tag, which specifies the page you were just on, may also be collected by third party advertisers. This information is automatically passed from your browser by default.

Internal Collection of Data

When you navigate over to a partner site, i.e. Network Site, data is passed through the URL, stating additional parameters that specify you were referred by Bellerose Web Media Services, including which portion of the site you clicked from. This is used for quality assurance (QA) purposes to help us determine which links are used more efficiently. This helps us with future design updates. In addition, some partner sites may have third party tracking software which collect your IP address, user agent, country of origin, and referrer. This data does not identify you as a person and is used for generic purposes only.


Bellerose Web Media Services uses cookie technology to allow us to deliver customized information to you and track which site features are most popular. Cookies let sites and advertisers "remember" users across pages of a site and across multiple visits to a site. In addition, your computer may occasionally receive cookies from our advertisers. Bellerose Web Media Services does not control these cookies, and they are not subject to our Privacy Policy. You can disable cookies, but doing so may impact the functioning of parts of the Bellerose Web Media Services web site and its network sites.

Third Party Cookies

Bellerose Web Media Services only uses session-based cookies through its network sites for your own logged in status. Althogh there may be third party cookies coming from our pages, these are services not provided by Bellerose Web Media Services or its affiliates. We cannot control sites out of our network and whether or not they choose to implement third party cookies. They cannot be covered under this privacy policy as they have their own. You should visit those site's individual privacy policies. We recommend turning off third party cookies in your web browser settings. Doing so will not impede on your visit at this site or one of our network sites.

Last Modified: 04/29/2015

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