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Television Advertising for Cable Providers

Next Generation Television Advertising for Cable Providers

TV Advertising for the Next Generation

TV Advertising for the Next Generation

Television advertising in the traditional format of 30-60 second commercials have been around for a long time. The model, however great for mass reach, is becoming dated in today's modern world. Advertisers want more from spending their dollars and not getting the results they want. The Internet model of advertising brings to you fixed positioned ads, more particularly known in mobile web sites and apps. Who knows your potential customers better than the cable companies who provide the television services? Bellerose Web Media Services would work with cable providers and television networks to provide the advertisements to target to the right reach. Ads will be shown in the form of banners across the bottom of the screen at timed intervals with a brief non-intrusive call to action. Then the viewer can use their cable box remote to select your ad and pop up a full screen panel over the television content where they can get more information about your product or service.

This method is better as you would know what the viewer clicked, how long they took to respond to the ad, or whether they dismissed it. This will transform the means of television advertising over time.

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