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Drupal & Wordpress Consulting

Drupal and Wordpress Consulting Services

Drupal and Wordpress Consulting Services

Bellerose Web Media Services has tweaked and pushed out this division of the company. We are an open-source shop, so naturally all of our client web sites and internal portals are produced using open-source technologies. With the ever emerging social media coming out to the new Internet, more and more clients are requesting that social communities are added to their web sites. This is where Drupal comes in.

We have worked with Drupal since practically the very beginning and up to the latest releases. Drupal is what the online world calls a content management system. It essentially separates the backend functionality, front-end designs, and the content administration into three distinct parts then brings it all together quite neatly.

Earlier versions have had a high footprint, particularly in the database area, but within the latest versions, this has changed and became very efficient resulting in quicker page loads and better content retrieval.

Functionality can be easily added "on the fly" and with Drupal's fine-grained permission system, you and your business can do what it does best, which is add or remove the right pages and content when you need to.

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